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I get asked on numerous occasions about the curing of Gel polish and which is the best type of lamp to use.

My advice is always:

– Make sure your bulbs are updated regularly as this will affect the curing and the longevity of the product.

– UV lamps normally require a 2 minute cure on each layer.

– DT Pro Gelamor only the base and top require the full 2 minutes the colour in-between can be cured for 1 minute

– Reading a recent article about the time spent under a uv lamp and the link to skin cancer. To cause any sort of skin problem even excessive use of approximately 2 hrs under a uv lamp every day, 7 days a week for 250 years wouldn’t do much damage, so we can all rest assured that we are pretty safe.

– Buy our UV lamp online £59.95 +vat £49.94 +vat if bought with our starter Kit.

With regards to LED lamps. This is not as straight forward as the UV lamp. Manufacturers will cure their gels at different nano-meters, therefore you must check what nano-meter the specific product you are using requires to get the best possible application. Yes most LED lamps will cure the product but to get the shiniest, longest lasting product it is recommended that you use the correct wattage and nano-meters supplied with your product. Gelamor cures at 395-410 Nano-Meters with a 30 second cure. If you are already using a LED lamp check with your supplier what wattage etc it is. Our LED lamp is £109 +vat or £99+vat with Gelamor kit. usage is 35,000 hrs and Automatic switch on.

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