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The Secret to a Successful Nail Business

Choosing the Right Products for Your Business​

To say that the nail industry is competitive would be an understatement, I’m sure you’ve been in this situation; you’re bombarded by choice paralysis when selecting the right products that will put you ahead of the competition. Whether you decide to select your products at the specialist nail art suppliers, or from the thousands of brands available online. There are floods of products available on the market and it’s often difficult to filter down which of the millions of available options is the best of the best for your business.

Top Tips for Selecting Products

A brand that’s here to stay – Not just a ‘trendy’ product

A quality and consistency that customers will love – You’re charging money to do things better than your customers can and your product has to support this

A product range that’s always improving – A brand that provides all of the products you’ll need to achieve your mission. Buying from one brand that ‘does-it-all’ generally means their products will complement each other

Great customer service – A company that can provide direct support and knowledge will give you peace of mind and independence

Denise Taylor Professional Nails manages to stay ahead of the curve by continually practicing, observing and consequently improving their products; always with their clients in mind. It’s this attention to detail and fearlessness of experimenting and improving her products that reassures her ever growing client base that they’re making the right choice.


One of the most important items to any nail tech is her acrylic liquid. And after years of practice and refinement Denise Taylor has nailed it… get it

We’re delighted to share with you that we have just introduced a new essential product… ‘primerless’ acrylic liquid!

Here are 5 Benefits of Acrylic liquid Plus

1. Primerless liquid (no primer required) for better adhesion

2. Slower setting, for more creative freedom

3. Pair up with Bond It for super adhesion for problem clients

4. Super self levelling

5. Use with our acrylic powders for soft but firm acrylic and easier filing

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